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Digital Brand Marketing
Data-Driven Insights

Is your "brand story" still relevant?  Has your marketing DNA evolved to ensure your visibility and viability in today's saturated tech-driven global market? What value do you communicate to prospective buyers and influencers?


We work with you to create comprehensive, target-focused brand marketing plans:

Content Management

What good is it to have all of that valuable SME content if virtually no one is benefiting from it?  Put it to work for you. 

Let our noteworthy and award winning writers and reporters work with your SMEs to develop content that your targeted personas WILL READ and act upon.

  • Topical Research

  • Creative Brief & Story-boarding

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Expanded Distribution Research & Publishing Agreements

  • Publication Schedules

  • KPI Reporting

Buyer Behavior and Econometric Analysis & Reporting

This is your new crystal ball!

We provide statistical analysis to determine the relationship between economic factors for your geo-target, the market, industry served and your company's performance towards the development of a road-map that shows you where you've been, where you are now and which road to take in order to reach your destination.


Using historical and persona data, the resulting analysis allows us to use behavioral indicators and purchasing trends to implement marketing plans that map to your speific business objectives.

Connecting with your customer in ways that leads to a long term relationship requires a customer-centric approach that appeals to their sensibilities, values, buying influences and communication preference. 


We offer research, analysis and reporting as follows:

  • Focus Group Studies

  • Intent-To-Buy Studies

  • Brand Recognition Studies

  • Market Surveys

  • Customer Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Industry Trend Reports

Market Disruption Strategies

A disruptive marketing strategy begins in understanding customer and market insights that can then be used to either design a new product or service to meet the demand of an emerging market or to enhance an existing product or service to meet the demand of customers who may be unhappy with your current product or service.


What can you do in order to reap the rewards of market disruption?


eVolve helps you:

  • Determine the feasibility of product/service innovation/evolution

  • Gather market and cutomer insights

  • Develop the messaging & contact/communications strategy

  • Implement the market disruption plan

Emerging Technologies

What's the next big "innovative" thing and how can I use it?

Every new technology isn't right for every company or application, but there are some exciting technologies out there!


eVolve's Geek Squad stays informed and has implemented many of these technologies ...


  • Virtual Reality Applications

  • Predictive Mobile Technology

  • Mobile App Development

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